Vocational education for sustainable development

For the implementation of the competency concept in vocational education numerous activities of the participants – e.g.  by the instructors of vocational schools or the teaching personnel in enterprises and federations - are to be established.

Current challenges and necessary activities are:

  • Only by comprehensive (clear) competency orientation can a high quality of education (in particular vocational education) be guaranteed! (Which competencies are needed?)

  • Appropriate options have to be made available for schools, which permit schools and instructors to arrange and consistently develop stable concepts for the implementation of sustainability in vocational education.

  • Substantial support in learning is provided by exemplary training/learning arrangements (learning situations, case studies) as well as interestingly arranged learning media.

Appropriate support has to be accomplished for training in the field of the food industry.

The EuKoNa project aims at developing exemplary concepts and materials for qualifications related to the entire value chain (starting with primary production, industry, and continuing with trade and consumption).

A major challenge for the implementation and establishment of sustainable thinking in vocational schools and vocational education lies in the instructors and trainers themselves. It is important to guarantee sufficient motivation and qualification for the topic and thereby promote competency. This naturally requires comprehensive information and advanced training activities. EuKoNa also supports these activities by simultaneously offering and documenting an appropriate qualification concept for trainers.
The following activities for the qualification of instructors and trainers are considered to be of help:

  • Enhancing the network between university, teacher training seminars and schools.

  • Heads of colleges and teaching staff must regard the sustainability concept as an integral component of education 

In the perception of instructors and human resource managers the conviction of the value of sustainability in vocational training must increase. Pilot projects must be regarded as beneficial and be established in the long run as knowledge and learning communities.


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