Aims of the project

The project goals are to test new learning concepts and to promote further training of the instructors, teachers and lecturers, associated with a quality promotion of the European systems of vocational education in the range of „sustainable management “. The pilot scheme will be implemented within a specific sector, the food industry, with target groups in vocational and further education. The project deliberately takes the innovative and at the same time complex step of integrated treatment of economic, ecological and social aspects and can be associated with the UN decade of education for sustainability (2005-2014) with regard to content and teaching method.

Sub-goals are:

  • Development of curricula, which enable the qualification for sustainable management

  • Development of training/learning arrangements

  • Exemplary implementation of the developed products by testing

  • Development of competencies of the instructors

  • Development of recommendations for the transfer to other country-specific target groups

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