Project results

More detailed results can be found on the german site.

Following results are intended in particular:

  1. Curricula to qualify in the field of sustainable management.

  2. Developing teaching arrangements/learning arrangements commensurate with the target group and competency-oriented curriculum.

  3. Exchange, advancement and documentation of good practice examples within the curricula and learning arrangements between all European partners

  4. Exemplary development of learning materials that reflect the pedagogic / didactic implementation in the qualification modules

  5. Instruments and concepts for competency measurement in the fields of  „sustainability competency / creation competence ".

  6. Qualification of teachers/moderators for the implementation of the curricula (integrative or additive to the available curricula).

  7. Testing, rating, valorization of developed learning material.

Development of a supporting concept for companies, and education institutes to s imply results.

The results will be presented within the project time plan. First the curriculum results will be presented (after one year) and exchanged. Then exemplary teaching units will be developed (teaching and training modules).
Further products will be developed after testing and transferring the results. Teachers and lecturers are the primary target groups who are being prepared for the transfer of results.
In a broader sense trainees and participants of further education measures are also members of the mentioned target group.

Valorisation begins with country-specific workshops in the participating organizations,
and continues with transnational meetings. It is intended to integrate external parties during the meetings. Further measures  are internet presentations by the participating partners. To implement this, there will be co-operation with educational institutions and ministries of education as well as chambers of commerce and federations positioned in the selected value chain.


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